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Guangdong starlock fastening system Co., Ltd.JYD (International) Group --- the enterprise with Hong Kong investment, was established in Dongguan in 2008, for the rapid development of the business in the railway field, in 2014, the company relocated to Tangxia Town with own standard workshop, and is specialized in the innovative technology R&D in the gasket field. Currently, STL is manufacturing the gasket and fastener with the annual output value exceeding RMB100 million, and export value reaching RMB10 million. The company awarded the AAA Class Sincere Enterprise in Keeping Promise by Chinese Sincerity Administration, additionally, the company has signed the purchase quality warranty agreement in the life related industries with several enterprises, SZJYD-LOCK gasket is our brand and undertakes the responsibility of life. 

      Every batch of SZJYD gaskets have TüV/SGS third party professional test, and the raw materials are the imported steel. We promise not to provide second class products and do the hammer trading. Currently, our products are directly serving several foreign enterprises list in the World Top 500. 

     Our factory has introduced the domestic and foreign advanced equipment/professional technical talents, combining scientific management, our company has awarded the ISO9001\ 14001\ TS6949\ IRIS certification. With 10 years of experience, we are professional and know more what you want. 

We always adhere to the integrity, innovation, customer first business philosophy. Welcome customers at home and abroad to join in cooperation, common development, mutual benefit and win-win!

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